Welcome to Bordeaux Events® Outer Banks, a unique Wedding and Event coordinating business located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Marie C. Russell, President of Bordeaux Events®, has over 12 years Wedding and Event coordinating experience in the Outer Banks and New York City market, and currently lives in the Outer Banks. Ms. Russell has spent her early working years working for fashion companies such as Liz Claiborne, J.Crew & Tommy Hilfiger, planning events including fashion show coordination and corporate events. Bordeaux Events® has been in the Outer Banks for over 10 years and the team has planned over 200 weddings and events. The Bordeaux Events® teams’ experience and dynamic abilities shine through in all of their Wedding, special events, and corporate retreats.


Amanda McGruder

Wedding CoordinatorHelp Portrait 2013 -238 (4-1)

When Amanda was five years old, she was asked to be the flower girl in three weddings within 15 months. Ever since then it has been all about Weddings. For her high school project in May 2004, she shadowed a Washington D.C. wedding planner and the coordinator bug was planted. In the summer of 2005 she had decided to live in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Knowing there was a booming wedding industry there, she contacted Marie Russell, President of Bordeaux Events, hoping she could use some help. Amanda’s first assistant job with Bordeaux Events was in April of 2005 and she has not looked back since. After the summer ended she knew she wanted to continue working with Marie for seasons to come. After helping plan over 75 weddings, Amanda has learned more and more about how a wedding event works, both big and small. The 2014 season will be Amanda’s 10th season with Bordeaux Events, and her most anticipated yet!

Meredith Jordan

Wedding Coordinator AssistantMeredith Jordan

Meredith began as an intern with Bordeaux Events during the summer of 2012, fulfilling graduation requirements for her degree in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Event Planning from East Carolina University. Work experience prior to the amazing summer internship with Marie and Amanda included being a sales associate for jewelry and fine gifts, in addition to working as a lead server and event coordinator at a resort in northeastern North Carolina. Meredith most recently has worked at one of the top women’s boutique clothing stores in Wilmington, NC, specializing in fashion show coordination. The 2014 season will mark Meredith’s third year with Bordeaux Events as she promises to mesh her expertise with the Team’s to enhance the unique experience every bride and groom hope for in the celebration of beginning life together.